Moroccan Soup Bar – Recipes of a Spoken Menu


Over the last 17 years the Moroccan Soup Bar has become a much loved Melbourne institution. Its’ spoken menu, delicious food and unique ambience, founded on principles of equality and generosity have become legendary.

In this book, the restaurant’s founder, Hana Assafiri shares her recipes for food and life.

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Moroccan-Soup-Bar-Book-5Drive down St George’s Road in North Fitzroy on the evenings the Moroccan Soup Bar is open and you will see a queue stretching out the door and down the street. With its’ brightly coloured interior, refreshing spoken menu and flavourful cuisine, the Moroccan Soup Bar is a unique experience.

It is founded on a philosophy that Hana Assafiri, head cook and owner, describes as, ‘a vision where everyone who visited felt their senses were stimulated. to share experiences and walk away a little changed as a consequence’.

Hana’s new, vibrant, beautifully photographed cookbook presents the wonderful dishes served every night at the restaurant. Her devoted customers have sought the secrets of her recipes, in particular the famed chickpea bake, her signature, award winning dish.

Moroccan-Soup-Bar-Book-2Now the public will have the chance to recreate these recipes in their own homes. There’s even a recipe for the restaurant’s wall paint, passed down to Hana from her father. This book reflects the atmosphere of the Soup Bar – warm, welcoming and colourful. The recipes prove that you do not need to include meat in a meal to make it taste delicious.

Laced with stories of meetings and conversations at the Soup Bar about the plight of women, of Moroccan culture and of hope for a more inclusive future, Hana’s book provides a spiced oasis in every enthusiastic cook’s recipe book collection, or for anyone who wants to savour the experience of the Moroccan Soup Bar.

And yes, the Chickpea Bake recipe will finally be revealed!

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